Welcome to Everstone Co., Ltd. is one of the most competitive ice cream
manufacturer, importer and distributor in Korea markets.
We specialize in offering high quality food (include ice cream) and aim at promoting world's excellent food products to consumers.
Everstone was founded in 2010 and achieved successful results in Consumer product business within a short time through extensive market knowledge and
experience of our staffs and strong relationship with our customers.
Our staff had worked in global FMCG companies for many years and experienced the success of launching and growing various consumer products by
developing competitive and strong distribution network.
Our great man-power has realized efficient and effective planning and execution to achieve great success.
As Korean consumers continue to evolve and demand is growing and varying, we are dedicating to presenting global lifestyle food products that contribute to
enjoying new experience and pleasure for Korean consumers. And also as a responsible member of Korean society, we dedicate ourselves to provide fine and
right products for both eating enjoyment and safety.
With the experience and knowledge deeply rooted in consumer market, we will continue to develop the global suppliers for steady and healthy growth of the
Our success now and in the future is based upon our confidence in developing distribution network and strong long term relationship with suppliers worldwide.
We are looking forward to a well and sincere cooperation with all sorts of suppliers engaging in consumer market business scope.


Taste New Experience

  • Philosophy We provide you new experience and joy
  • Vision Be the most competitive & reliable business partner
Providing Safety and Reliability through manufacturing ice cream at our own facilities
We always give customers a sense of safety and reliability about ice cream and also daily life.
We pursue the absolute value of products and services and the maximization of customer satisfaction.
Introduce & Grow Differentiated International Brands & Products
We introduce friendly but differentiated international brands and product to present cosmopolitan lifestyle experience to Korean premium consumers.
Moreover, we satisfy and lead various consumer needs so that they can enjoy fun and new experience.
Be the Most Competitive & Reliable Business Partner
We will be the most competitive business partner for international suppliers based on long experience the success of launching and
growing a variety of consumer products and will be also most reliable partner for local buyers by providing successful products.
We will continuously develop competitive and strong distribution network in retail & foodservice channels.



  • JAN. Launching HERSHEY Crispy Sandwich
  • FEB. Launching HERSHEY Choco Bulk (5L)
  • MAY. Launching JELLYBELLY Grape
    Launching JELLYBELLY Berry Smoothie


  • JAN. Launching Doraemon corn cone
    (Emart24 PB Product)
  • MAR. Launching HERSHEY Cookie & Cream Cone
  • JUL. Launching HERSHRY Toffenut & Choco Bar


  • JUL. Launching HERSHEY Choco Slush Ice
  • AUG. Launching Injeolmi Bar (Seven Eleven PB Product)
  • OCT. Launching HERSHEY Cookie & Cream Cone


  • MAR. Launching SNIKERS Long Bar
    Launching TWIX Long Bar
  • MAY. Launching GLACIO Pint 3 Flavors
  • SEP. Established Ice Cream Factory in Imsil, Jellabuk-do
  • APR. Having a license to manufacture Hershey ice cream
    exclusively in Korea
  • JUN. Launching HERSHEY Choco & Cookie Cone
  • AUG. Launching HERSHEY Choco Bar


  • JAN. Exclusive import and distribution of Italian brand
    ‘COLOR UP’ ECHOSLINE cosmetic


  • MAY. Start selling in Homeplus



  • APR. Launching SNIKERS ice cream
    Launching TWIX ice cream
    Start selling in Seven Eleven


  • JUN. Established EVERTONE Co., Ltd.
  • SEP. Having a license to manufacture Mars ice cream
    exclusively in Korea
  • OCT. Start selling in Family Mart (now CU)
    Start selling in GS25
    Start selling in Ministop